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10. Customizing archive retrieval.

10.1 Specifying the format for retrieved messages.

Add a format (f) specifier after the archive retrieval command:

where ``f'' is ``r'' for rfc1153 format, ``m'' (mime; default) for MIME multipart/digest with subset of ordered headers, and ``v'' (virgin) MIME multipart/digest, i.e. with all headers retained from the archive, and ``n'' (native) the same as ``v'' except that no threading is performed and messages are returned in numerical order. Under some circumstances, it may be preferable to have a digest in ``multipart/mixed''. The ``x'' (mixed) format is identical to ``m'' except for this header.

For ezmlm-cron(1), just suffix the format code to the digest code.

10.2 Specifying the default format for digests and archive retrieval.

The ezmlm-get(1) ``-f'' switch can be used to change the default format (MIME with removal of less relevant headers) to other formats. The format specifiers are the same as for individual archive retrievals (see Specifying the format for retrieved messages).

10.3 Limiting the number of messages per -get/-index request.

By default, a single -get request returns a maximum of 100 messages, and a single -index request 2000 subjects entries (20 files of 100 subjects entries each). This can be changed by editing MAXGET, and MAXINDEX in idx.h and recompiling. Remember to edit text/bottom, text/bounce, and ezmlmrc(5) to reflect these changes so that your users won't get confused.

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