ezmlm-both(1)                                       ezmlm-both(1)


ezmlm-both - Creates a mailing list and digest list


ezmlm-both dir dot local host digestcode [ address ]


ezmlm-both is a shell script to serve as an example of how easy it is to create complete specialized setups using components of ezmlm(5). ezmlm-both invokes ezmlm-make(1) to create a mailing list with digest enabled. If address is given, ezmlm-both sets up the lists with remote administration and installs address as the remote administrator. messages to list-owner and list-digest- owner are directed to address. address is also made a subscriber of both lists. Posts to the list are restricted to subscribers of the list, the digest list, or addresses added with: % ezmlm-sub dir/extra address@host address2@host2 ... Other posts are rejected. If address is specified, posts from non-subscribers are sent to the remote administrator for moderation, instead of being ignored. The remote administrator may accept the message or reject it. If the remote administrator ignores the moderation request, the post will be ignored. The sender will not be notified in this case. If you are not the user receiving mail, you need to change ownership of dir and its contents to the controlling user/group.


ezmlm(5), ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm-sub(1) 1

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>