ezmlm-idx(1)                                         ezmlm-idx(1)


ezmlm-idx - create index for mailing list archive


ezmlm-idx [ -dD ] dir


ezmlm-idx reads all archived messages for the list in dir from dir/archive/ and creates a message index. The index file format is identical to that produced by ezmlm-send(1) (when dir/indexed is present). ezmlm-idx will ignore messages that do not have the owner execute bit set. ezmlm-idx will create the the index file under a different name and then move it into place. If dir/indexed does not exist, ezmlm-idx will create it to enable the use of the newly created subject and author index. ezmlm-idx will remove reply-indicators and the prefix from the subject before entry into the index, as described for ezmlm-send(1). ezmlm-idx will decode rfc2047 encoded sub- ject and author headers. When unfolding split lines, ezmlm-idx will remove redundant escape sequences for the character set specified in dir/charset. ezmlm-idx calculates a subject hash based on the normal- ized subject header. Normalization removes linear whites- pace, case information, and message reply indicators. The subject hash is used by ezmlm-get(1) for message thread- ing.


-d Use the ``Date:'' header for date information, rather than the top ``Received:'' header. This is unreliable, but useful when messages have been transferred from another type of archive by mailing them to ezmlm. ezmlm-idx converts dates with two- digit years ``xx'' to 19xx if xx is >= 70. Other- wise, 20xx is assumed. -D (Default.) Do not use the ``Date:'' header.


ezmlm-get(1), ezmlm-send(1), ezmlm(5) 1

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>