ezmlm-mktab(1)                                     ezmlm-mktab(1)


ezmlm-mktab - create SQL table definition for ezmlm list


ezmlm-mktab [ -dC ] table_root


ezmlm-mktab takes table_root and prints table definitions for table_root, table_root_slog, etc. All subscriber and log tables are defined, although normally only a subset are used. ezmlm-mktab also can also print the SQL drop commands to remove the same tables.


-C Do not print the table definitions for list cre- ation. By default, table definitions are printed. -d Print table drop commands. Normally, they are omit- ted. When printed, they are printed before the table definitions, so that existing tables are removed, then recreated.


ezmlm-mktab -d list | mysql -hhost -uuser -p -f db This connects to the mysql server on ``host'' as ``user'' (prompting for the password) and in database ``db'' cre- ates tables list, list_slog, list_mlog, the corresponding table sets for address lists list_allow, list_deny, list_digest, list_mod, as well as list_name, list_digest_name, list_cookie, and list_digest_cookie. Since the -d switch is used, any of these tables already existing are first dropped, with loss of any data already in them.


ezmlm-send(1), ezmlm(5), mysql(1) 1

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>