ezmlm-return(1)                                   ezmlm-return(1)


ezmlm-return - handle mailing list bounces


ezmlm-return dir


ezmlm-return handles bounces for the mailing list stored in dir and, if it exists, the associated digest list. ezmlm-return is normally invoked from a .qmail file. It reads a mail message from its standard input, and a mail envelope from the SENDER, LOCAL, and HOST environment variables.


ezmlm-return handles mail sent to any of the following addresses: local-return- Trash. A help message or subscription acknowledg- ment bounced. local-return-msg-box=domain Distribution bounce. Message number msg was lost on the way to box@domain. local-return-msg- Pre-VERP distribution bounce, in QSBMF format. Message number msg was lost on the way to one or more addresses; ezmlm-return will parse the bounce to figure out the addresses. local-return-warn-cookie-box=domain Warning bounce. A warning message from ezmlm-warn bounced. local-return-probe-cookie-box=domain Probe bounce. A probe from ezmlm-warn bounced. ezmlm-return will remove box@domain from the mail- ing list. For all the above addresses if, local is followed by -digest, bounces are assumed to be from the digest list, and are stored in dir/digest/bounce rather than in dir /bounce .


ezmlm-manage(1), ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm-send(1), ezmlmsub(1) , ezmlm-unsub(1), ezmlm-warn(1), ezmlm-weed(1), ezmlm(5), qmail-command(8) 1

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>