ezmlmsubrc(5)                                       ezmlmsubrc(5)


ezmlmsubrc - set up a minimal sublist


ezmlm-make -C ezmlmsubrc -options dir dot local host


ezmlmglrc instructs ezmlm-make(1) to create dir and files within it to support the local@host sublist. The sublist handles bounces, but not subscriptions. It is intended for creation of sublists that are part of an SQL database sup- ported distributed ezmlm list. For creation of regular sublists, use ezmlm-make(1) with ezmlmrc(5).


While these switches can be omitted, the list will not function unless they are specified. -3 mainlocal Local name of the main list for which this list is a sublist. If the sublist is a sublist for digests, mainlocal should refer to the mail list, i.e. stripped of ``-digest''. This is required in order for the bounce texts to refer to the correct archive. Use the -d switch! -4 mainhost Host name of the main list for which this list is a sublist. -6 host:port:user:pass:db:table SQL connect info. Specifies the host and port to connect to, the user/password to use, the database name, and the root table name. The host defaults to ``localhost'', the database and table to ``ezmlm''. The port default is the default for the particular SQL server type used. For sublists dis- seminating a digest, ``table'' will end in ``_digest''.


-d This sublist is a sublist of a digest list. The -3 argment used should be the local name of the main list, rather than the digest list, i.e. the termi- nal ``-digest'' should be stripped. -5 owner The address to which to redirect mail send to local-owner@host. The default is the owner address for the main list.


A common task is to create both a sublist for the main list and a sublist for the corresponding digest. Note that 1 ezmlmsubrc(5) ezmlmsubrc(5) the local list names are given as is, whereas the main list name always refers to the main list itself (and not its digest). The main list is ``mainloc@mainhost'', the local sublist is ``me-sub1@myhost''; the main digest is ``mainloc-digest@mainhost'' and the local digest sublist is ``me-sub1-digest@myhost''. ezmlm-make -Cezmlmsubrc -3 mainloc -4 mainhost -6 main- host::user:pw:db:tab ~/DIR ~me/.qmail-sub1 me-sub1 myhost ezmlm-make -Cezmlmsubrc -d -3 mainloc -4 mainhost -6 main- host::user:pw:db:tab -d ~/DIR ~me/.qmail-sub1-digest me- sub1-digest myhost


ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm(5), ezmlmrc(5) 2

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>