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2. Quick start

  1. Create a use ``eztest'' for testing. If you use another name, add the switch ``-u another_name'' to the ezmlm-test(1) line below. (The space between the switch and the argument is required.)
  2. Unpack the ezmlm-0.53 distribution.
  3. Unpack the ezmlm-idx distribution.
  4. Move the ezmlm-idx files to the ezmlm-0.53 directory.
  5. Edit conf-bin and conf-man to reflect the target directories.
  6. build and install:
            % cd ezmlm-0.53 
            % patch < idx.patch
            % make; make man
            % su
            # su eztest
            % ./ezmlm-test
            % exit
            # make setup
            # exit
  7. Make a list and digest list
            % ezmlm-make -rdugm -5 me@host ~/list ~/.qmail-list me-list host
            % ezmlm-sub ~/list me@host
            % ezmlm-sub ~/list/digest me@host
            % ezmlm-sub ~/list/mod me@host
    where ``me'' is your user name and ``host'' the host your list is on.

Now, you are the owner, remote administrator, and subscriber of both list@host and the accompanying digest list list-digest@host. Only subscribers are allowed to access the archive and to post. To post to the list, mail to list@host. For a user to subscribe, s/he should mail to list-subscribe@host and for help to list-help@host.

When a non-subscriber posts, you will be asked to approve, reject, or ignore the request. If you want to subscriber joe@joehost.dom, mail list-subscribe-joe=joehost.dom@host.

Digests are generated about every two days, when 30 messages have arrived since the last digest, or when more than 64 kbytes of message body has arrived. To manage the digest list, use the same commands as the main list, but replace ``list'' with ``list-digest''.

The sender restriction on posting used in this setup works, but is not secure. For more info, read the man pages (start with ezmlm(5) and ezmlm-make(1)), this FAQ (FAQ.idx in the distribution), README/README.idx, INSTALL/INSTALL.idx, and UPGRADE.idx.

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