ezmlm-test(1)                                       ezmlm-test(1)


ezmlm-test - test ezmlm programs


ezmlm-test [ -on ][ -h host ][ -u user ][ -l sqluser ][ -t sqltable ][ -d sqldatabase ][ -p sqlpassword ][ -s section ] dir


ezmlm-test is run from the ezmlm build directory. It will test most of the functions of most of the programs in ezmlm-idx>=0.313. The program prints status and error mes- sages to stdout. It requires that qmail runs on the host and that mail delivery to a local user functions. By default, it runs as the user ``eztest'' who should have read and execute permission to the files in the build directory. For testing with an SQL database (requires ezmlm- idx>=0.32; see -p), you need to have first created the tables in the database, e.g. using ezmlm-mktab. A number of switches allow overriding the default connection infor- mation. ezmlm-test creates the list ``eztest-__tstlist@host'' in the directory ``~/__TSTDIR''. This directory and ``~/.qmail-__tstlist*'' will be overwritten/removed by the program. In addition, the file ``~/__TSTDIR_err'' is cre- ated. In cases of error, it often contains the error mes- sage form the failing program. ezmlm-test should complete without error. As many invoca- tions of the programs test several functions it is not easy to determine what went wrong if ezmlm-test fails. Usually, ``~/__TSTDIR__err'' gives some leads, but then debugging of the particular program is required. Usually, this involves recreating the failing circumstances, including environment variables.


-d sqldatabase If SQL support is tested, use sqldatabase as the database, overriding the default ``ezmlm''. See -p. -h host Connect to an SQL server on host, if an SQL database is used (see -p). Default is ``local- host''. To specify a non-default port, add ``:port'' to the host name. -l sqluser Connect as sqluser to the SQL server, if an SQL database is used (see -p). By default, it is the same as the executing user as specified by the -u 1 ezmlm-test(1) ezmlm-test(1) switch or the default ``eztest''. -n Test assuming qmail>=1.02 and ezmlm-idx>=0.32. Nor- mally, this is auto-detected. This switch is for testing of ezmlm-test and unlikely to be generally useful. -o Test assuming an old (<1.02) version of qmail which does not support the DEFAULT environment variable. Normally, this is auto-detected, and DEFAULT sup- port is used if qmail>=1.02 and ezmlm-idx>=0.32. The ``old'' style works with all versions of qmail, but requires adjustments for virtual domains. DEFAULT support makes these adjustments unneces- sary. -p sqlpassword Test with SQL support, and use sqlpassword as the connection password. By default, local databases, rather than an SQL database are used for testing. -s section Restart ezmlm-test from section section. This can be used to resume execution if the 30 s given for mail delivery was not sufficient for the test mes- sage to be delivered. ``9'' can be used to clean up any files remaining after incomplete execution of ezmlm-test. This option should not be needed. -t sqltable Use sqltable as the table root name for the SQL database tables, if an SQL database is used (see -p). Default is ``list''. -u user Execute ezmlm-test as user. Default is ``eztest''. The program refuses to run, unless the effective user name matches this user name.


On some systems, some of the tests give a broken pipe error. This is because code needs to be added to the make_message function to capture error messages. These errors can be safely ignored for now.


ezmlm(5), ezmlm-clean(1), ezmlm-gate(1), ezmlm-get(1), ezmlm-idx(1), ezmlm-issubn(1), ezmlm-list(1), ezmlmmake(1) , ezmlm-manage(1), ezmlm-mktab(1), ezmlm-moderate(1) , ezmlm-request(1), ezmlm-return(1), ezmlm-send(1), ezmlm-split(1), ezmlm-store(1), ezmlm-sub(1), ezmlm-tstdig(1) , ezmlm-unsub(1), ezmlm-warn(1) 2

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>