ezmlm-clean(1)                                     ezmlm-clean(1)


ezmlm-clean - clean moderation directory


ezmlm-clean [mMrRvV] dir


If dir/modpost exists, ezmlm-clean sends out messages for timed-out posts in the moderation directory and removes stubs for rejected and accepted posts for the mailing list stored in dir. If dir/modpost does not exist, ezmlm-clean does nothing and exits. ezmlm-clean reads dir/modtime and extracts a time-out ``time'' in hours from it. If ``time'' is 0 or dir/modtime is empty or doesn't exist, a default of 120 h is used. If a time is given, it is limited to the range 24 h to 240 h. ezmlm-clean then looks through dir/mod/accepted/ and dir/mod/rejected/ and removes message stubs older than ``time''. ``Time'' is a minimum retention time. Since the files are processed only when ezmlm-clean is run, the delay before a message is timed-out may be substantially longer if the list does not receive many messages. Message age determined by the time parsed from the file name, not from the creation time. Thus, there is no good way to extend the life of the file by e.g. touching it. Also, files in these directories are not checked for the proper format. Thus, most non-message files in these directories will be deleted the first time ezmlm-clean is run. For messages in dir/mod/pending/ no action is taken on read-only files. Messages without the owner execute bit set are silently removed, as they are the result of incom- plete ezmlm-store(1) executions. For other messages, a notification of the time out is sent to the sender, before the file is removed. ezmlm-clean logs errors to the mail log. Re-delivery should be avoided by suffixing any .qmail line invoking ezmlm-clean with '|| exit 0'.


-m (Default.) The timed-out post is sent as a MIME enclosure. -M The timed-out post is appended to the message. -r (Default.) The timed-out post is returned to sender. -R The timed-out post is discarded without sender 1 ezmlm-clean(1) ezmlm-clean(1) notification. Note: ezmlm-clean is normally run from both dir/editor and dir/moderator. To sup- press sender notification, the switch needs to be specified for all invocations of ezmlm-clean. -v Display ezmlm-clean version information. -V Display ezmlm-clean version information.


If dir/charset exists, ezmlm-clean will use the character set listed for all messages. Otherwise, the default ``us- ascii'' will be used. The character set can be suffixed by ``:'' followed by a code. If the code is ``Q'', outgoing messages are sent as ``Quoted-Printable'', if it is ``B'' they are sent ``base64'' encoded. Otherwise, text is sent as is.


ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm-moderate(1), ezmlm-store(1), ezmlm(5) 2

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>