ezmlm-store(1)                                     ezmlm-store(1)


ezmlm-store - store messages posted to a moderated lists and send moderation requests to the moderator(s).


ezmlm-store [-cCmMpPrRsSvV] dir


ezmlm-store reads a mail message and stores it in dir/mod/pending/. ezmlm-store also sends a moderation request with a copy of the message to the list of modera- tors stored in dir/mod/subscribers/. If dir/modpost con- tains a directory name, moddir, with a leading forward slash, the moderator list in /moddir/subscribers/ is used instead. This allows separate sets of moderators for sub- scription and message moderation, as well as the use of the same moderator list for several ezmlm mailing lists, owned by the same user. If the -s switch is used, the mod- erators are divided into two sets. Those pointed to by dir/modpost which will receive confirmation requests for posts with their SENDER address, and those stored with the base directory dir/mod/ which will receive moderation requests for messages posted from SENDERs not part of the first group. This can be used to have a set of trusted users (``moderating'' themselves to thwart SENDER faking), and a set of more traditional moderators, which receive approval requests for other posts. Note: The contents of dir/modpost do not affect the loca- tion of the message moderation queue. If SENDER is a moderator, the request is sent to that mod- erator only. The moderation request includes cookies for message rejec- tion and acceptance. The moderator can take either action by replying to the appropriate address. For moderator convenience, the accept address is given in the ``Reply- To:'' header, and the reject address in the ``From:'' header. The (default) subject of all message moderation requests is MODERATE for listname@host. Once the request has been successfully sent to the modera- tors, ezmlm-store sets the owner-execute bit of the mes- sage in dir/mod/pending/. Messages without this bit set are the result of incomplete executions of ezmlm-store and are ignored. At the beginning of the message, ezmlm-store prints a new Mailing-List field with the contents of dir/mailinglist. It rejects the message if there is already a Mailing-List field. 1 ezmlm-store(1) ezmlm-store(1) ezmlm-store does not distribute bounce messages: if the environment variable SENDER is set, and is either empty or #@[], ezmlm-store rejects the message.


-cCrR Passed on to ezmlm-send(1) in case this program is executed. This happens only if dir/modpost does not exist. -m (Default.) The post is sent as a MIME enclosure. -M The post is appended to the message. -s The contents of dir/modpost with the default dir/mod/ are used as the base directory for self- approving users, whereas dir/mod/ is used as the base directory for the moderators to whom approval requests for other posts are sent. -S (Default.) The contents of dir/modpost with the default dir/mod/ are used as the base directory for the moderators for all moderator functions. -p (Default.) Anyone can post. Posts that are not from a moderator are sent out to all moderators for approval. Posts that are from a moderator are sent only to that moderator. -P Only moderators can post. Those posts are sent to the posting moderator for approval. Posts from other addresses are bounced. This can be used to relatively securely restrict posts to messages originating from a given set of addresses. -v Display ezmlm-manage version information. -V Display ezmlm-manage version information.


First of all, remember that ezmlm-store will simply exe- cute ezmlm-send(1) unless dir/modpost exists. For the switches, use -P for lists where only moderators can post securely, i.e. they are asked to approve their own posts after posting, whereas other SENDERs are rejected. For low-security more convenient versions of this type of restriction, see ezmlm-gate(1). Normally (no switches), posts from moderators are sent for approval only to the sending moderator, whereas posts from other addresses are sent to all moderators. Thus, you can set up an announcement list by adding all potential posters as moderators. However, you may also want to allow others to post, as long as the posts are approved. This would be default ezmlm-store function. 2 ezmlm-store(1) ezmlm-store(1) To make the set of ``approved posters'' who approve their own posts, different from the set of addresses that approve posts from other users, use the -s switch. Add a directory name to dir/modpost. This directory is the base directory of the ``approved posters'' database. Add the moderators for other posts to dir/mod/ using ezmlm-sub(1).


If dir/charset exists, ezmlm-store will use the character set listed for all messages. Otherwise, the default ``us- ascii'' will be used. The character set can be suffixed by ``:'' followed by a code. If the code is ``Q'', outgoing messages are sent as ``Quoted-Printable'', if it is '`B'' they are sent ``base64'' encoded. Otherwise, text is sent as is.


ezmlm-clean(1), ezmlm-manage(1), ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm-moderate(1) , ezmlm(5) 3

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>