ezmlm-gate(1)                                       ezmlm-gate(1)


ezmlm-gate - Gate posts depending on message SENDER


ezmlm-gate [-cCmMpPrRsSvV] dir [moddir1] [moddir2 ...]


ezmlm-gate checks if SENDER is in it least one of the sub- scriber lists with base directory moddir1, moddir2, etc. If it is, the message is posted via ezmlm-send to the list in dir. If not, the message is sent for moderation via ezmlm-store. If moddir1 is not specified, dir is used.


-cCmMpPrRsS Passed on to ezmlm-store(1) and ezmlm-send(1). -cCrR Passed on to ezmlm-send(1). -v Display version information. -V Display version information. Other options are passed on if appropriate for exe- cution of ezmlm-store or ezmlm-send. ezmlm-store and ezmlm-send have non-overlapping options.


ezmlm-gate is best used if you want to restrict posts to a set of addresses using SENDER checks. Obviously, this is not secure, but it can help quite a bit to keep garbage off the list. For more secure setups, see ezmlm-store(1). Set up the list with a ezmlm-gate line in dir/editor and touch dir/modpost. Add the moderator(s) (usually the list owner): ezmlm-sub dir/mod moderator@host This will via ezmlm-send directly distribute all posts from subscriber addresses and send out the rest for moder- ation to the moderator(s) via ezmlm-store. To test sev- eral subscriber databases, e.g. the list and the list- digest subscribers, add the corresponding list directories to the ezmlm-gate command line. This can be expanded to include users that post from addresses other than the one they are subscribed as: just create another directory 'addl', and a 'subscribers' sub- directory of it, and add 'addl' to the ezmlm-gate command line. Now just add all problem addresses to the 'addl' address database using ezmlm-sub. The entire point is 1 ezmlm-gate(1) ezmlm-gate(1) that post from subscribers of any union of list go through, posts from identified 'aliases' go through and all others go for approval to the list owner. Thus, legit- imate users are never rejected and 'aliases' rapidly iden- tified by the owner/moderator and their handling automated one by one, by simply adding them to 'addl'.


ezmlm(5), ezmlm-issubn(1), ezmlm-send(1), ezmlm-store(1) 2

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>