ezmlm-glconf(1)                                   ezmlm-glconf(1)


ezmlm-glconf - create config file for global ezmlm-request address


ezmlm-glconf [ -n ] dotdir[dotdir1...]> config_file


ezmlm-glconf scans dotdir, usually the users home direc- tory, for files of type .qmail-return-*-default. For nor- mal ezmlm-lists, these are links to bouncer files, which on their last line have a call to ezmlm-return(1) or ezmlm-warn(1). ezmlm-glconf extracts the list directory from these, and builds a line for config_file from the information in the list directory. The first line of the /text/info file of the list is assumed to contain a brief description of the list. If not found ``no information available'' is used. ezmlm-glconf output is sorted alphabetically by list name and if a digest list exists, the digest list entry immedi- ately follows the list entry.


-n Add information on the current number of sub- scribers to the list information.


The descriptive text ezmlm-glconf uses for digest lists and the text used if /text/info is not readable/available can be changed by editing the script.


ezmlm-glmake(1), ezmlm-request(1), ezmlm-return(1), ezmlmwarn(1) , ezmlm(5) 1

1994 Man-cgi 1.15, Panagiotis Christias <christia@theseas.ntua.gr>